Saint John – Monday to Friday, business hours only

A presumptuous title, considering I haven’t even been in town an entire week yet.

I walked around uptown Saint John this past weekend and it was eerily quiet. Quite a few cars were around, but not a single human in sight. Did I forget about a holiday or something?

Today was my first day at the new job. Learned how to be a copy editor. Imagine sitting at a desk for eight hours straight, reading all of tomorrow’s stories and having to fix them. I’m excited for Day 2.

My shift ended at 8:30ish and surprisingly, it was still bright outside. My workplace is inside Market Square, which looks like a market from the outside, but has a library, some retail stores, a few restaurants, a food court and some offices. The actual market is across the street. Perhaps I’ll go when I feel a hunger for lobster flesh.

I’m pretty sure Saint John shuts down after about 5 or 6pm. Most of the restaurants I’ve checked out online close around that time. What the hell kind of restaurant closes down right as people get hungry?

There are probably a few pub-type places open late, but so far, I’ve only found two restaurants that are open when I leave work: a Japanese place and an Egyptian place.

As much as I love sushi and shawarma, I’m going to need to discover more restaurants. Cooking’s not an option because my room doesn’t have a kitchen.

Any part of Toronto at 4 o’clock in the morning is livelier than Saint John is on a weekend or after about 6pm.

Hey, I’m not complaining. I’m more of an indoorsy person anyway.