10 things I’ve learned about New Brunswick

I’ve been living in Saint John for almost two months now, and though I pretty much haven’t explored the city at all, I have learned a few things about this province.

  • Literally everybody will hold the door open for you, even if you’re a few steps back.
  • People are friendlier, including fast food servers, cashiers at the supermarket, convenience store/kiosk employees and taxi drivers – quite different from Toronto.
  • Gallant is pronounced guh-LANT
  • Melanson is pronounced muh-LAHN-sin
  • Aunt really is pronounced AHNT and scallops really is SCAH-lips
  • Koreans seem to only work at Korean restaurants, Chinese people¬† at Chinese restaurants, Middle Eastern people at Middle Eastern restaurants, etc. If they don’t work at a restaurant, they’re probably a student.
  • Cars will stop to let you pass, even if you’re jaywalking.
  • NHL fans here cheer for the Leafs, Habs or Bruins.
  • There isn’t much World Cup buzz because everyone’s umpteenth generation Canadian.
  • Living in the most multicultural city in the world your whole life really skews your perception of what the rest of the world is like (i.e. significantly less multicultural)

I haven’t had any bad experiences yet, and I could really get used to living and working here. I do miss certain things about the big city, though. Like movie theatres. Seriously, I think there are only two theatres in Saint John.