Just your average Sunday night in Saint John

Funny how the universe works.

I was at work Sunday night and decided to stay an extra half-hour or so to get some extra stuff done. I could’ve left earlier or edited an extra story, but I didn’t. This was sometime past 1 in the morning.

Along my usual route home, I saw a police cruiser slowly approaching a house. As I got closer, a cop emerged. A bit farther off, I saw a car run a red, which I found momentarily amusing. Turns out it was another cruiser arriving with backup. Once I got to where he was headed, I saw the two officers arresting two men.

Just what I needed to end an otherwise work-filled day. Not that my job’s boring, because it never is. But I love when I witness or experience things that get into the paper the next day. It’s always a bonus when I get to edit the story myself.

Not counting sporting events, that’s happened to me twice.

The first time, I saw an officer tackle a suspect in the middle of the road. This was in the middle of the day, a weekday, with dozens of witnesses, including the ones in the cars that the suspect was inconsiderate enough to block while getting arrested.

That got into the paper.

The second time was for something considerably less exciting – the first annual Irving summer student/worker appreciation day. I was an intern at the time, so I was invited. It was something like a career fair for the young people in the organization, to let them know there are numerous career options within.

The event was covered in the business section the next day.

It’s always neat reading about an event you witnessed first-hand. I only hope more people get arrested while I’m walking by. For my amusement, these people should try to evade the cops so the police are forced to tackle them in dramatic fashion.