Working on New Year’s Eve

In just over 66 hours, it’ll be 2015. In the new year, I resolve to have the best 2015 ever.

The end of December also roughly marks my eighth month in Saint John and at Brunswick News. I remember my first day. I remember how little I knew in those first few months. It sounds trite, but I can’t believe how long I’ve been here.

Eight-hour shifts melt away when your mind is being kept busy, and weeks melt away when you work at night and sleep during much of the day.

I worked on Christmas Day, which would have been terrible had I missed a family dinner or a get-together with friends. Thankfully, most of my family and friends are well over 1,000 kilometres away, so I didn’t have anyone outside of work to spend the holidays with. Wait…

I will also be working New Year’s Eve. Should be interesting, since one of our deadlines is quarter past midnight. Happy new year! Confetti falls. Copy editors wipe confetti off screens so they can get back to scrambling to finish proofing a newspaper that needs to be delivered to thousands of homes in a few hours.

In reality, I suspect we’ll all momentarily look up from our computers, mutter a pathetic “Happy new year” to anyone in earshot, and return to our screens. We are a very dedicated bunch. And there’s no one in the province with whom I’d rather spend New Year’s Eve.