Things I’m scared of because of the X-Files

  1.  Light
    Is that a government helicopter surveilling me? A top-secret aircraft on a test flight? Aliens looking to harvest some humans?
    The light inside that room is awfully bright. What insidious experiments are taking place within?
  2. The absence of light
    Honestly, who isn’t afraid of the dark, at least to some degree? Where better to hide than in the dark? Well, in plain sight, I suppose.
  3. People
    You can’t trust someone you don’t know. And once you get to know them, you’ll probably find reasons not to trust them.
  4. The absence of people
    Empty diners have already creeped me out, but after watching the first few seasons, I have decided to stop taking strolls through abandoned warehouses and power plants.
  5. Holes
    Holes in ceilings, holes in the ground, holes in walls. Any number of critters or mutants could be lurking within, just waiting to sink their teeth into my yummy-tasting liver.
  6. Cigarettes and men who smoke them
    He was here, wasn’t he? WASN’T HE?
  7. Cars
    You see that car? Do you know who’s in that car? Exactly.
  8. Doctors
    The tools at their disposal, the things they’re capable of, how is everyone not afraid of these people?
  9. Children
    Nobody suspects children because they’re so little, young and allegedly innocent. That’s what allows them to act with impunity.
  10. Old people
    They have nothing to live for except to see their work completed. They’ve lived a long time, and have seen things. If what they know were to become public, the world would be thrown into chaos.