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Saint John – Monday to Friday, business hours only

A presumptuous title, considering I haven’t even been in town an entire week yet.

I walked around uptown Saint John this past weekend and it was eerily quiet. Quite a few cars were around, but not a single human in sight. Did I forget about a holiday or something?

Today was my first day at the new job. Learned how to be a copy editor. Imagine sitting at a desk for eight hours straight, reading all of tomorrow’s stories and having to fix them. I’m excited for Day 2.

My shift ended at 8:30ish and surprisingly, it was still bright outside. My workplace is inside Market Square, which looks like a market from the outside, but has a library, some retail stores, a few restaurants, a food court and some offices. The actual market is across the street. Perhaps I’ll go when I feel a hunger for lobster flesh.

I’m pretty sure Saint John shuts down after about 5 or 6pm. Most of the restaurants I’ve checked out online close around that time. What the hell kind of restaurant closes down right as people get hungry?

There are probably a few pub-type places open late, but so far, I’ve only found two restaurants that are open when I leave work: a Japanese place and an Egyptian place.

As much as I love sushi and shawarma, I’m going to need to discover more restaurants. Cooking’s not an option because my room doesn’t have a kitchen.

Any part of Toronto at 4 o’clock in the morning is livelier than Saint John is on a weekend or after about 6pm.

Hey, I’m not complaining. I’m more of an indoorsy person anyway.

The time I peed next to Zenon Konopka

Pearson International Airport, Gate D9. “Xenon Konopka” is called to the counter and I am snapped out of my early-morning blahs. It couldn’t be, could it?

Nobody approached the counter that I could see, so I quickly forgot about it.

As I took my aisle seat on the twin-prop aircraft, I heard a voice that said something like, “Who’s the lucky person to sit beside me?” I looked up and saw him. An NHL player on the same flight as me, going to Saint John just like I was. Cool.

He said a few rows back. A few rows ahead, I saw a guy who looked exactly like Sean Monahan. Throughout the flight, he was bro-ing out with some bro, passing a phone back and forth and laughing at what I presume were cat videos. Turns out Sean Monahan was Sean Monahan and the bro was Cory Conacher. It also turns out there may have been several other NHLers on the flight. They were headed to Hockey Street to play some ball hockey. It’s an actual street in Saint John.

At Saint John Airport, several Budweiser girls were waiting for the hockey players. I walked past the group to go the bathroom.

There I was minding my own business when a guy takes the middle urinal. Unless you’re bursting at the seams, you should never take the middle urinal. Whatever. I go to wash my hands and he does too. Holy moly, it’s Zenon Konopka! Not only did I share a flight with him, I peed next to him!

And that’s how my trip to New Brunswick started.

Oh, and my cabbie was a Toronto-native and a Leaf fan.